WARNING - Old versions of Ares won't connect to the network !

Old versions of Ares depend on something called CNodes to make the initial connection to the Ares Network. Those CNodes were established back in 2003 and most of them are no longer online.

New users are frustrated to wait hours before they realize their version of Ares doesn't connect!

New in 2012

Ares Windows 7 was originally released in June 2011, and was the most advanced version of Ares. Older versions of Ares have been abandoned, but we are constantly working on improvements to Ares Vista. The latest version, 3.09.8006, released in March 2009 works with Windows 7, and is bundled with the AresConnect utility in addition to other new features like better chatroom integration and autodetection of new music encoding schemes.

P2P file sharing & security

Ares was originally developed in 2002. Since then, many other versions have evolved, but all share the same network, communications protocol, and user base. Unfortunately, the new Windows Vista operating system has increased security that interferes with all previous versions of Ares , as well as most other P2P (peer to peer) filesharing applications. As a result, many users have had serious problems using any P2P file sharing application with windows Vista. Some filesharing programs try to get around the problem by directing the user to turn off the UAC, which is a crucial part of Vistas increased security. Microsoft spent a lot of effort on the new security features. Do you really want to operate your P2P filesharing in a less secure environment? Of course not.
Fortunately, Ares Windows 7 includes the AresConnect utility that uses a different connection method which ensure instant connection to the Ares Network. (Note: If you have an older version of Ares and find that Ares won't connect, you can install AresConnect to solve the problem )

Search the Ares network

AresWindows7 offers keyword, artist and song search modes for easily locating any kind of MP3 file. Ares automatically filters out corrupt MP3 files and rates all search results for quality and availability.

Fast file Downloads

Ares Windows7 optimizes the use of bandwidth and gives priority to file hosts with a broadband internet connection. This guarantees excellent download speeds and prevents downloads from hanging up. Manage and enjoy your MP3 collection


  • Ares lets you share your MP3, video, image and other media files with millions of other Ares users worldwide.
  • Ares combines a powerful P2P engine with a user friendly interface and downloads files faster than any other file sharing program around.
  • Instant connection to the Ares network, the greatest possible variety in search results, powerful content filters, and a built-in media player.
  • Ares lets you search for general file categories including audio, video, images, and software but also supports custom file type searches such as MP3, AVI, and JPG.