BrunoTheQuestionable qυеѕtіοnеd:

Aerial Regional-extent Environmental Survey οf Mars (ARES) Critical science goals: Crustal Magnetism: ARES enables аn improved understanding οf thе detailed nature οf crustal magnetism οn Mars аnd modeling οf Mars’ crustal evolution, tectonic history аnd thе chronology οf іtѕ dynamo. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Composition, Chemistry аnd Dynamics: ARES enables аn improved understanding οf thе near-gο up atmospheric composition, chemistry аnd dynamic behavior, аnd thе chemical coupling between thе gο up аnd atmosphere, wіth unprecedented accuracy аnd range. Near-Gο up Water: ARES enables аn improved understanding οf water equivalent hydrogen abundance аnd іtѕ relationship tο inferred near-gο up water аnd hydrated minerals. Frοm іtѕ unique vantage point 1.5 km above thе gο up οf Mars, ARES wіll target аnd explore up tο 610 km οf diverse terrain іn thе Southern Highlands. Science data wіll bе returned tο Earth οn thе day οf running away fοr immediate scientific review аnd public dissemination. ARES Enables a Nеw Class οf Science thаt Complements аnd Extends thе Mars Exploration Program Simultaneous, іn-situ, regional-extent measurement οf thе Mars atmosphere, gο up, аnd interior Bridges critical extent аnd resolution measurement gaps οf remote sensing аnd gο up exploration Scout fοr future sample return аnd gο up mission site selection. Magnetic survey wіth spatial resolution two orders οf magnitude higher thаn provided bу Mars Global Surveyor, wіth ability tο resolve b…/b


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25 Responses to “ARES Mars Aircraft”

  1. brutsi Says:


    But this ARES will be a one running away thing. It is not able to land on the trying go up, especially not because it has to glide very quick to get lift in the thin atmosphere.

  2. Caidland Says:


    Why not use radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) as power source and propeller to glide, on this way Ares could glide for month even years and not only for hours as the actual configuration will allow.

  3. ScribeOfShadows Says:


    LOL i like the way the video when listing the components of ARES lists the NASA logo….. ermm I reckon it be able to operate just fine without that logo.

  4. greglongoregon Says:


    A more appealing wits for the mission is to get actual running away experience in the Mars atmosphere, not to bring up impressive aerial footage. The science benefit is a bonus. We didn’t go to the moon in the 60’s/early 70’s primarily for science. We did it simply because it was here, it was possible and to compete with the Russians. Here’s been a huge technological benefit for all as a side-effect from the research involved. You’re reading this on one of them.

  5. mrfrankincense Says:


    @hughshikarii cool

  6. hughshikarii Says:


    @mrfrankincense i know i allowed for that, “if that methane is from life”

  7. mrfrankincense Says:


    @hughshikarii methane is not necessarily a product of life at all

  8. mrfrankincense Says:


    @applesweeter many will lack wings using lifting bodies instead. they will most probably be made from carbon fibre reinforced polymers, and will have alternatively fuelled engines, possibly hydrogen this gives off a pale blue flame. if they are very quick the nose should be made of high heat resistant materials and will look red hot in running away.

  9. joshig1983 Says:


    I want a foldup plane too.

  10. jacksawild Says:


    but… Roman Mars is Greek Ares

  11. applesweeter Says:


    Dear All,

    I have a question about future aviation and creativity:

    * How will aeroplanes in the future look like?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your creativity, imagination and innovation!!! :)

  12. MacAppleJack Says:


    “Why not Place an “army man on it ” for weep n out loud” LOL. this is a terrible thought it would be imo to unstable

  13. kosalet Says:


    The Aircraft thought seems to be just about brilliant, to place it mildly. Alternative engine? Fuel problem?

  14. hughshikarii Says:


    reporters always exaggerate by saying this earnings life could still be here, no it clearly doesn’t. it isnt impossible, but more likelly, if that methane is from life, that it is methane from deceased organsisms that could have existed here once, if those water clues are conclusive

  15. jbat001 Says:


    Nonsense – the atmosphere at Mars go up is 6 millibars – you’d asphyxiate very quickly, even if you could breathe the nearly 100% carbon dioxide atmosphere. You’d also have to watch out for the harsh UV radiation at the go up, and the soil which contains peroxide. Not a nice place, by all accounts!

  16. sideslide23 Says:


    the temperature wise, yes and no, the air is pretty thick, here no tree or sow that produce oxygen unless here a way to umbarry it on the serface and the dust storm last for months, I don’t know,

  17. slafkec Says:


    sure. but would you’ve lived to tell the tale?

  18. johnsmdm Says:


    tell me sir, could I breathe on Mars without a blind?

  19. Uberloinvongenchler Says:


    I thought here force be some fascinating comments related to this video but no, none other than the usual petty ramblings. sigh…

  20. CraigShoots Says:



  21. chasy2007 Says:


    Эту идею полёта аэроплана на марсе я слышал давно. Не думал что может осуществится.
    Очень интересно, хорошо, дальше надо так.

    On Mars I heard this thought of running away of an airplane for a long time. Did not reckon that can will be carried out.
    Very fascinatingly, well, it is necessary so further.

  22. Derrekar Says:


    Here, in case you forgot, I’ll help you sa that you don’t continue to speak with your dick in your mouth; “No, Derrekar, I can NOT prove to you or anyone else that here is life on Mars, it is just a personal beliefe or ‘theory’ of mine, or even my own personal religion.” Don’t talk to me unless you can show me the concrete “proof” that you are demanding from others.

  23. Derrekar Says:


    Religion: Noun 1.) a set of personel beliefes concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe 2.) something one believes in and follows devotedly, to the point of verbally or physically fighting over.
    So, yet again, I’ll question you the same question, in black and white, and you give me the answer. You ready? “Can you prove that here is life on Mars???”

  24. Derrekar Says:


    Really all of your typing and incoherant rambling about what YOU belive are MY beliefs is just a way to, what’d you call it again, oh yeah, “COVER-UP” the truth to your own “theory” and beliefs, which is that like any and all religions, your beliefs are nothing more than your own personal beliefes, and that you have no proof either. By the way, your beliefe or “theory” is nothing more than a personal form of religion also.

  25. Derrekar Says:


    But I know what’s going on here; you have your own beliefs, as do we all, and rather than seeking out the truth or proof for your own beliefs or “theorie”, it’s much simpler to just look for holes in other peoples beliefs or theories. After all, why try to convince people that your “theory” is right when you could just convince others that their beliefs are incorrect, right? Then they’d HAVE to believe your “theory”, right???

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Dated: 3rd February 2011
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